Aspose.Words metered version does not work

I purchased a metered Aspose.Words license and got Aspose.Words.Word.Processor.for.NET.lic file containing private/public keypair and implemented the most basic CLI .net application (see code below). It just does not work, consumption stays at 0 and the generated file keeps saying ‘evaluation only’.

  • key pairs copied straight from license file.

  • internet connection up and running (using it for this request).

  • Does not throw any exceptions.

  • Yesterday de consumption credits/quantities remained 0.

  • Today (unchanged executable) the consumption quantities started counting upwards.

        Aspose.Words.Metered l_Metered = new Metered();
        l_Metered.SetMeteredKey("<public>",  "<private>");
        Console.WriteLine("Is metered: " + Metered.IsMeteredLicensed());
        // Get metered data amount before calling API
        Console.WriteLine($"Credit before operation: {Metered.GetConsumptionCredit()}");
        Console.WriteLine($"Consumption quantity before operation: {Metered.GetConsumptionQuantity()}");
        // Load document from file
        Document l_Document = new Document(args[0]);
        // Write converted document to file
        // Sleep a bit
        // Get metered data amount after calling API
        Console.WriteLine($"Credit after operation: {Metered.GetConsumptionCredit()}");
        Console.WriteLine($"Consumption quantity after operation: {Metered.GetConsumptionQuantity()}");

@DBQS Could you please send your license to me via private message? We will check the problem and provide you more information.